Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Mutation of a Pekingese

This is my dog, Tex. He is a Pekingese. As you can see, he looks like he ran into a wall and smashed his face. He snorts, sneezes and snores through life.

He has a rolling ambling gate about him. More than that, he waddles, and with his brown bushy coat, he looks like a walking paper bag.

The standard of the breed says a peke should be no more than 14 lbs. Well, let's call Tex a mutation. He's a 22 lb. stocky little dog. He's still short and close to the ground, but Tex is big to be a peke.

If I ever have another little dog, I may name him Napolean, because Tex truly has that complex of thinking he is much bigger than he actually is. He's my watch dog. I have a german shepherd that would just lick a stranger to death. Not Tex, oh noooooo... Tex will take an ankle off if he doesn't like the looks or smell of a stranger.

I love Tex. He's one of the dogs that forgives me almost daily. He's very demanding, so he gets told "no" a lot. He's very persistent, so he gets ignored a lot. He's very loving, and he gets wallowed a lot. Tex would go anywhere with me, and I feel terrible when I don't take him. But, like I said, he's my watch dog.

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