Monday, June 16, 2008

Commentaries on Sunday's Sermon, Jun 15, 2008

It confuses me when preachers speak of God's omniscience and man's free will in the same sentence, as if the concepts are interchangeable. If God never gets confused by it, one has to wonder if He isn't at least amused.
Today, Brother Tony, when speaking of what Jesus meant by "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done," (Matthew 6:10,) suggested the Kingdom Christ is referring to is God's Kingdom on earth inherited by and in the stewardship of mankind. Mankind was put here to do God's will. Ergo, God's will should be man's will. His example was to set aside God's time for God and squander it not on things that are irrelevant. (So far so good...)
Brother Tony spoke of four entities that have pull over the will of man: 1. God, 2. Self, 3. Others, 4. Satan. Well, really? I'm not so sure, and here's why. Who other than God would or could call man into communion with God? Who other than God puts it upon one's heart to go to church, to study the Word, to witness to the lost? If man is in the will of God, then man has died to self and cannot be removed to self, others or Satan. If one accepts the assumption that when one has been saved, he has died to self, been buried and resurrected as a new creature in Christ Jesus, then this new creature has no self will.
If God has ordained the footsteps of the righteous; And if God has called each man to Himself; And if man has received sanctification through salvation; then the work is done. "Thy Kingdom Come" is not synonymous with "God let me do your will while here on earth." It is synonymous with "Father, live through me that Your will may be seen on earth as it is in Heaven." God's omnipotence precludes the possibility that a child of God can "act" in ways that are outside of not only His knowing, but His direction.
In Tony's sermon this morning, he spoke of the potter who molded his clay into a particular vessel. It is the will of the potter that determines the usefulness of his artwork. Likewise, God determines the usefulness of each of His vessels. A clay pot cannot fill itself with soil or seeds. Likewise, a new life in Christ cannot fill itself and has no usefulness except what God has purposed.
I believe that God has called each of us according to His will, because that's what the Bible says. When our human feet fall over each other, God and God alone can mend the cracks and make us useful again. God is omniscient and therefore knows what the future holds. I believe it would be better to say, "Church, let us be thankful we are in God's will." Pray, "Holy Spirit, move in this place." It can't be proper theology to put God into a tiny little box and say, "We'll do your will now, Lord. Direct us." As Christians, we must be about feeding each other and edifying God's church. If God is in the box, who is holding up the world? I would much prefer it if God is holding up the world so the church can be about feeding His sheep. That way, we would never have to worry if we are in God's will, and the world would know we are Christians by His love.

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