Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My Goddaughter is Brittany. She just turned 13, but she thinks she's going on 20. In many ways, she's barely out of diapers. I love Brittany for all the reasons she can drive me nuts. She's beautiful. She's talented. She's smart. She's boy crazy. She's popular.

Brittany is nothing like I was at 13. In fact, I was probably more like she is now (confident, happy, holding the tiger by the tail) at 22 than she is going into adolescence.
I worry about her, because she jumps into things with her heart instead of her head. The little things trip her up and send her into those adolescent rantings. However, she can be the one of the dearest sweetest people I've ever known. Her heart breaks for people who are mistreated, and she defends people who often go unnoticed or misunderstood. She knows she's beautiful, but she's unashamed to befriend other students who don't necessarily fall into the beautiful crowd.
In a world of things that can really bring a person down, I'm so thankful for Brittany. She's somebody who makes me very proud.

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