Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Everything I Know About Forgiveness I Learned from My Dogs

Everything I Know About Forgiveness, I Learned From My Dogs!
Sam and Tex are my dogs. Sam is an 95 pound German Shepherd, while Tex is a 20 pound Pekingnese. (Yes, I know, Tex is a large Peke, but he's just a pet.) I love my dogs for one reason: They love me. No matter what I do or where I go, my dogs want to be with me. They are my cheerleaders, my biggest fans. They protect me when they sense danger. They watch out for my cats. Most of all, they forgive me no matter what I do. I love my dogs.
I take them for a rides in my Rendezvous from Germantown to Falmouth, forgetting that windy KY 22 probably isn't the best road for a dog's stomach. Sometimes they get sick, but they forgive me.
Occasionally, I run out of dog food and try to fool them with cat food. They don't like it, but they forgive me.
They must feel abandoned when I leave them home alone, but they forgive me.
Tex gets allergy injections every Saturday. He hates them, but he forgives me.
Sam gets yelled at for jumping into the pond, but he forgives me and jumps in again!
One time I threw the frisbee and accidentally hit Sam in the head with it, but he forgave me.
When Sam came to live with us, he stole all of Tex's toys, but Tex forgave me and Sam.
People say dogs can't rationalize, but I think they can. Why else would mine forgive and forget all the stupid things I do? My dogs love me. Yes, I said they love me, and that is an emotion - not a human emotion attributed to the dogs either. I wouldn't take a million dollars for either one of my dogs.

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