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William Monty Goff 1833 - 1900

William Monty Goff was born August 17, 1833 to Richard Goff and Nancy Goff (nee Pointer.) Pulaski County had been carved out of Lincoln and Green Counties in 1799. The frontier was still untamed, and the Goffs lived on the south side of the Cumberland River, in the little village of Burnside.
The Goffs were farmers, and William was taught to work the land. William was the first of seven children. The family was probably not poor but was certainly not wealthy. They eked out an existence, and the children were educated at least to the sixth grade.
William married Rebecca Ann Gover on the 20th of November, 1853 when he was 20 years old, and Rebecca was two years his junior. Their first child, Richard, was born in November, 1854, but he lived for only a few months. One year later, Rebecca gave birth to another son, whom they also named Richard. The couple had one more child, Samuel, who died five days after his mother, on August 25, 1857. William was alone with a two year old little boy.
The Cash family lived north of the Cumberland River, closer to what became the Rockcastle County line. It is unknown how William made the acquaintance of one Lucinda Cash, but he did; and they were married on February 14, 1859. Lucinda gave William twelve more children; Andrew, Elvira, Nancy "Nanny," Malvina "Vinnie," Alice Belle, Wiley Addison, Amanda Sophia, Cordelia, Johnny, Elizabeth, Harvey and Sarah.
William and Lucinda worked the land that lies just south of the Rockcastle County line. Goff descendants still reside on their farm, and the footprint of their log cabin remains. William Monty Goff can be found in the U.S. Census from 1860 through 1890. Evidence of his life is also available through birth records, marriage records, tax records and death records.
William died on September 13, 1900 and is interred in the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery. Lucinda rests beside him. Their son Andrew lies beside Lucinda. All of William's children are interred in cemeteries in Pulaski County. Richard Goff is buried in Rushbranch Cemetery outside of Burnside. However, there was no tombstone, and his grave has not been located.
William's descendants are farmers, bankers, railroaders, machinists, doctors, lawyers and college professors. Although he lived a modest life, that was tragic in many respects, he gave his children a proud and noble heritage. The Goff family is scattered across the lower 48 states, but Kentucky will always be home.

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