Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brenda Jean & Tom

I don't know why my dad called Brenda "Jeanie;" he just did. Jeanie is my first cousin, the daughter of my dad's sister, Thelma. She is a little older than I am but not by much.
I remember when I was in grade school, Jeanie came out to my house and helped me with my algebra homework. A lot of the answers were wrong. Whatever! So math wasn't her strong suit either.
I also recall her and her brother, Al, throwing darts with me and playing with me. Al used to call me brat all the time and sometimes still does, but Jeanie always took up for me. If I was a brat, she'd never tell on me. Jeanie gave me a hamster once. It died of old age.
Jeanie is married to Tom. He's a great guy, smart and soft-spoken. He teaches Sunday School, and they're both devout Christians. They love cats and have two beautiful black "Halloween" cats. They also have a son, Todd, who is married to Mindy. Jasmine is a beautiful little granddaughter.
Jeanie and I may have the most in common of all the Goff cousins. We have many of the same afflictions, bad kidneys, arthritis, fibromyalgia. We can talk for hours laughing - that's right! laughing - about our pain. Nobody wants to hear us complain. God has been good to both of us, and we have a huge family that loves us. I'm thankful Jeanie is in my life though.

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