Thursday, August 21, 2008

At Home in Glenmary

At first I thought this picture was taken around the turn of the century because of the dress that my great-grandmother, Sarah, is wearing. However, the younger daughter in this picture is my great-aunt, Lucy, who was born in 1906; and she appears to be about ten in this picture. Thus, I'd say it was taken around 1916.
I love this picture because this is the only picture I have found that shows Grandma Webb at a relatively young age. Since she was born in 1865, if this was taken in or around 1916, she and Grandpa (John "Spoony" Webb,) both, would have been 50 (ish.) Standing on the porch above and behind Spoony and Sarah are my great-aunt Laura and my great-aunt Lucy.
The back of this photograph says, "At Home in Glenmary," so it's safe to assume it was taken at the old home place. One can see the knots in the old chestnut logs, used to build the house. I would love to have the rocking chair and can visualize my great-grandfather sitting in it and looking out across the land.
The Webb farm, in Tennessee, was in the family for nearly a hundred years. It is the same property that John and Nancy Webb settled in what was Roane County. Then Willis, my ggg-grandfather, built his house on the farm. By that time, Morgan County came into being. When John "Spoony" Webb married Sarah Hamby, they moved in with Willis and Margaret. Willis died in 1890, and Margaret remained in the family home until her death in 1912.

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