Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Angels in the Midst

I am just so happy! I'm happy as a pig in slop! I have a ten year old laptop computer that has about four years worth of research on it that has been dead for over a year. Talk about losing inspiration!
Finally, one of my husband's friends (and yes he has a few) said, "Paula, if you want, I can take the hard drive out of that laptop and see if I can retrieve your data."
Uh, what was that? Did the sky just open? I really thought I heard the sound of wings, because this little offer has changed my life - or at least the life of my research. In fact, this single little act brought my research back to life. I am no longer shackled with the notion that I will have to retrace my steps through history in order to retrieve the 24,000 plus names in my database. I have birth dates, death dates and burial information. I have pedigrees and registries. Where once I was lost, I have found my citations and they are complete.
Burdens have been lifted from my shoulders by my husband's friend. It just goes to show, there really are angels among us.

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Claudia's thoughts said...

Just found your blog. What I have done is go to Office Max or Best Buy and they have those little Flash Drives. Anyway, it is a memory stick and each Sunday someone will be having a sale and you just insert it into the USB spot and right click on a file (or multiple files) and send it to the flash drive. It will show up a "E" an external storage device.

When I get new information I will move that store stuff to my stick. SAVED...