Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ram Shackle Paradise

The woman in this photograph is my great grandmother, Belle Dodson Grimes McCloud Cole. The older child is my mother, Reba Webb Goff. The three children are my my second cousins.
My mother looks to be about nine or ten years old, so that dates the picture around 1940.
I love it because they look so happy. My great grandmother didn't have hot and cold running water in her house until she was 92, so this truly was what one might call a "ram shackled house." Yet, in the summers, I loved to visit her. This picture doesn't show the cornfield we had to go through to get to the privy. Nor does it show the chickens pecking around on the ground. In fact, what little Belle did have in material possessions is not seen in this picture, but when I look at it, I see love.


Anonymous said...

Who are the smaller children in this picture? My great grandfather was Lonnie. My name is Christy. Do you know who I am? My mom was Kathy and my grandmother was Keithal. I just happened to google search my papaw (Lonnie) and it brought your blogs up. I am learning a lot about my family and it is fascinating, thank you. Please e-mail me at hunter9199@yahoo.com. We are related :)

Paula Goff Christy said...

Hi Christy,
Yes, I do know who you are! Of course, I remember Kathy. She and I used to play together whenever I came to Tennessee with my Grandma Virgie.
I believe the children in the picture are my mom, Reba, and Wilma and Billy, Uncle Hubert's children.
You and I haven't met, but your great grandfather, Lonnie, was my great uncle. My grandma Virgie and Lonnie were brother and sister. I think that made Keithal and my mom first cousins. Kathy and I were second cousins; and I think you and I are second cousins once removed.
Hopefully, a true genealogist out there will correct me if I'm wrong about that.