Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

For the past two years we have celebrated a "blended" Thanksgiving, and it's been wonderful both years. The Paul Goffs and the Buddy Webbs gathered, and The Phil Christy's gathered; In-laws and out-laws around one table. Miranda and David came in from Nashville to join us. It was special.

This marked the first year that Uncle Buddy wasn't with us. I suppose he's gathered with the great cloud of witnesses, happy that we are still together. I can't say it wasn't difficult, though, to look over at the blue leather recliner in the corner and not see him sitting there. As hard as that was for me, I'm sure it was even harder for Aunt Dorothy and Rhonda. We missed him, but we know where he is, and for that assurance, we gave thanks.

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